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4 Apartment Kitchen Ideas

Friday, 23 March 2018   14:56

We’ve compiled a guide of four awesome apartment kitchen ideas that will give you multipurpose devices while maximizing your space. Here are our top four. Keyword(s): kitchen ideas On average, Americans spend about 40 minutes a day in their kitchen cooking food and cleaning up. Any room that you spend this much time in should … Continue reading “4 Apartment Kitchen Ideas”

Minimalist Home Organization Tips for Apartments

Tuesday, 20 February 2018   20:48

Are you looking to open up your living space, despite living in an apartment? Maybe you have roommates, moved into a college apartment, or just relocated to a new city. Organizing a space can be tough and keeping it tidy can be even more difficult! Read on for 6 minimalist home organization tips that you … Continue reading “Minimalist Home Organization Tips for Apartments”